Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What Does it Mean to Be an Entrepreneur? by Rana DiOrio & Emma D. Dryden

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This adorable book by the authorial team of Rana DiOrio and Emma D. Dryden is a beautiful read. It was great to see the main character, in addition to being a minority, also be given the attributes most commonly associated with "boy" characters (intelligent, loves science, an engineer and an entrepreneurial spirit that goes leaps and bounds beyond opening a lemonade stand).
The art is lovely, rich with detail yet not overwhelmingly busy. The illustrator, Ken Min, employs great use of color and negative space and leaving background areas in muted shades of a single color to keep the focus on the myriad of details - many of which you may miss the first read-through but that are a delight to find on the sure-to-occur second and third readings.
The text has a great flow but still includes some wonderful vocabulary words. A favorite response to the titular question: "What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?".... "Does it mean speaking French? No!" (Although "Non!" would have been amusing too).
I do not want to spoil any of the details, but the first spread humorously features a Rich Uncle Moneybags look-alike and other clever illustrations abound throughout the book.
The robots unfortunately look a little menacing in some of the scenes, with a Terminator/I Robot like quality, but otherwise it is a great addition to any shelf.

You can purchase this book at Little Pickle Press or Indie Bound.

Book description from the publisher:

When Rae witnesses an ice cream-and-doggie mishap, she’s inspired to create a big-scale solution to help get dogs clean. Rae draws on her determination, resilience, and courage until she—and everyone else in her community—learns just what it means to be an entrepreneur. Book six in the award-winning What Does It Mean To Be …? series, What Does It Mean To Be An Entrepreneur? will be available in January 2016.


  1. Wow! This is so great! I read The Art of Miss Chew by Patricia Polacco to my children last night, so your comment about Ken Min's use of negative space really made me smile. Thanks so much for your insightful view of our new title.

  2. You are so welcome! Thank you for visiting!